Mid year review!

Yes, yes, I know. We’re a bit past the middle of the year. But I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with events and I haven’t done my tax return yet, so it’s close enough!

I had a bit of a look at my ‘2016 goals’ blog post this week. I thought it would be as good a time as any to review what I had hoped to achieve this year, and see how I’m tracking! If you want to see the original post, you can read it here:

Interestingly, I had said my No. 1 goal was to complete UTA100. Maybe that was a chronological No. 1, because I’m pretty sure my No. 1 goal was to qualify for Boston 2017! Anyway, I’m happy to say I did get through UTA and am now the proud owner of a bronze belt buckle. And the author of possibly the longest blog post in history!
Next on the list was a BQ, or Boston Qualifier. Another tick!
The 100k track championships was also on the list. I hoped to go sub 10 hours. In hindsight that was extremely ambitious (although it’s good to set the bar high!) but I did get through it well under cutoff and was fortunate enough to be the first female in this event – while my time was a little slower than I’d hoped, first place was certainly well beyond what I would have expected! 
Redemption at Clare was on my mind at the start of the year, after a poor showing last year. Despite a poorly timed hard hill session 3 days prior, I managed to pull out a Clare PB and well and truly erase the memories of 2015.
So what’s left? A sub 50 minute City-Bay and a sub 20 minute 5k – both of which seem reasonably achievable but at the moment seem so far away. I’m sure the speed training I’m doing now will help! 
A triathlon. Now I’ve qualified for Boston, the money I had been putting towards a bike (kind of a necessity for a tri) is now going towards my Boston trip fund. So, while I am still determined to get a bike and complete a tri in the near future, it’s not really a priority right now!
Nutrition – I think I have that pretty much sorted. After a period last year where I became borderline obsessive about what I was putting into my body, I realised that I was at the top of a very slippery slope and said NO MORE! I train, therefore I eat. Sometimes a lot! Sometimes not the most nutritious food but that’s the joy of distance running. Eating ALL OF THE FOOD! 

The daily planking is going well! I’d forgotten I’d put that in my blog but so far I haven’t missed a day this year! All it means is getting up 5 minutes earlier – big deal!

New goals!

1) Run Adelaide Marathon as close to 3:40 as possible and get Beck a Boston qualifier too!
2) Yurrebilla 56k sub 7 hours at a minimum – hopefully closer to 6:30.

3) Heysen 105k under 14 hours.

4) Complete all SA parkruns by the end of the year. At the time of writing there are 10 parkruns in SA (with another to be launched at the end of this month) and I have done 7. With new events popping up all over the place, that is easier said than done! This past weekend I went to the launch of SA’s 10th parkrun in Renmark, a Riverland town I had never had the pleasure of visiting before, and despite a chilly subzero start, I really enjoyed it and wished I’d had more time to spend in the region. Also there was a guy by the name of Brendan who seems to spend every second weekend on the road visiting different parkruns. He is expecting to have done 100 different parkruns by the end of this year! Extraordinary!

Along with my City-Bay and 5k time goals, that should keep me out of trouble for the rest of the year!!