Warning: mostly non-running content…

Mostly words and few pictures, sorry!

It’s been a little while since my last post – yes I admit I have been a slacker on that front.

I have upgraded my running – from 4 weeks of 20 minutes of 1:00 run and 4:00 walk, I have now been doing 30 minutes of 2:00 run/3:00 walk for the past 2 weeks. I reckon I need 1 more week of that and I’ll flip the run/walk intervals around. Still a long way from a marathon but plenty of time for that! Oh and the best bit is that after 5 months I finally started doing parkrun again – oh the joy!

And I got to see this again for the first time in FOREVER!

OK so there’s not much more to say about running so let’s talk about some other stuff. Because there’s more to life, right?

I have nearly finished Season 4 of The Office. Unfortunately I have no more DVDs after season 4 so next it’s either a box set (yeah, people still do buy DVDs!) or a Netflix/Stan/Amazon Prime subscription. If you, like me, have been living under a rock for the past 15 years and haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour! (I think I appreciate it even more now that I work in an actual office!)

Let’s not forget one of the other joys of life, music! A couple of weeks ago I bought a last minute ticket to see Alice Cooper who is still killing it after over 50 years!

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Queen and Adam Lambert live for the third (and hopefully not last) time! I was a bit dubious about Adelaide Oval as a venue, although I had previously seen 3 very excellent bands there in AC/DC, the Rolling Stones and Guns N’Roses – personally I think the sound and atmosphere is much better in an indoor, more ‘intimate’ space – however I was not disappointed with the show and the venue! Only with the old stick-in-the-mud who had a go at me for standing up during We Will Rock You (in the freaking ENCORE! She’s lucky I sat down up until that point!) – give me standing tickets any day!

I only took a couple of photos – this one doesn’t come close to doing it justice but the light show during ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ was a showstopper!

In a couple of weeks I have the privilege of seeing The Darkness at the ultimate intimate venue, The Gov – all standing, Thankyou very much! And I only recently found out that their drummer is the son of Queen’s Roger Taylor – quite the pedigree! A few months later I’ve got Iron Maiden and Faith No More, both at the Entertainment Centre – can’t wait! (And hopefully there’ll be another gig or 2 for me to go to when I finally get to the USA in October!)

I’ve really got into eco stuff, recycling, decluttering, all that stuff! I am going to see how long I can go between putting out my red bin (landfill) – last time it went out was 15 December and it’s not even close to half full! My recycling bin hasn’t gone out since 5 January and I reckon it’ll be another fortnight until it’s full. I try to avoid buying ANYTHING in plastic, and I get all my dry goods/cleaning products from bulk stores. It’s a little thing but every little bit helps! (And I hope SA soon follows in the footsteps of some Victorian councils and introduces a 4th bin for glass recycling!

Oh and of course it’s Fringe time again so plenty of eclectic shows as usual! Music, comedy, cabaret, even a Silent Disco walking tour – you name it! Great time of year in Adelaide, especially now the car race is over!

That’ll do for now – see you out running somewhere, or at a gig soon!