No turning back!

Well, this is it!
By the time you read this, I will have left Australia, bound for New York via Hong Kong. (Side note: I had no idea that Hong Kong to NYC was a 16 hour flight!)
I had a couple of good morning runs during the week. Felt good, nice pace, got rid of the cobwebs. Plus it was nice to be running in daylight in the mornings!
I’ve done the last of the long training runs – with a mind-numbing 12 laps around the block. But importantly I got it done, and I didn’t break!
IMG_20170407_165452_252I got a sneaky last parkrun in, and broke 25 minutes which was nice. Not sure when I’ll next run that fast!
I packed all my race gear in my carry-on, tbe number 1 rule of travelling to races! I’m a bit of an old hand at that now – it’s my 7th time flying to a race, and my second overseas one! I’ve never lost my luggage but this is not the time to take chances!
My plan for the week is to try to get in 2 runs in New York (there’s a park there called Central Park which I hear is nice – might be a good spot for a run?) – probably on Tuesday and Friday.
And to make a side trip to Connecticut to see Def Leppard live on Wednesday night which I am ridiculously excited about. At this stage maybe even more so than Boston!
I’ll keep this short and sweet because at the time of writing (Sunday night) I have these alarms to look forward to…
Looking forward to sharing my adventures in New York, Boston and across the States over the next 4 and a bit weeks!