Heysen 105km pre-race diary



The enormity of the task ahead is beginning to sink in. What have I gotten myself into? After a chat with the very experienced ultrarunner Karen last night I am going to try to increase my carb intake this week without going silly on the calories and without strictly ‘carb-loading’. Karen suggested to replace protein with carbs. This is going to be tricky because I already know I struggle to get enough protein in. I’m thinking I’m going to be eating a lot of potatoes and bread in the next week.

On Saturday night I taped my feet to prevent blisters. I was a little overzealous when removing the tape and took some skin off the bottom of my foot, near the pinky toe. I can feel it with every step. I need to find some way of padding it so it doesn’t affect me on Saturday. 105km is a LOT OF STEPS! Tomorrow morning will be my last run before the big day – my last opportunity to try out whatever remedy I manage to come up with!


Went for my last run this morning – 10km in 1 hour. Felt OK – a bit flat, just tired I think! Will be good to have a few days off leading up to Saturday. I put some gauze over the open area under my foot and secured it with strapping tape – seemed to work OK. I noticed it when I thought about it, but it didn’t really bother me too much. It should be better by Saturday anyway. Caught up with Kirsten this morning – her husband was a buddy runner for someone last year so she knows what to expect.

Finally got around to reading the event handbook. Good thing I did too because I found out there is no gear drop at Checkpoint 1 which means I will just have to carry a little bit more food in my pack – glad I found that out now and not on the day!


Shit’s getting real now.

Just saw on Facebook that CP2-3 is very wet and possibly won’t dry out by Saturday. This is also the section I haven’t seen, having done City-Bay instead of that particular training run. Also heard it’s gonna be WARM – I still think I’d prefer warm to freezing cold. Will need to throw an extra pair of socks into my pack!

I’m halfway between ridiculously excited and shitting bricks!

On a positive note I took the tape and padding off my foot this morning, seems to be healed and it’s felt OK all day today. Must be more careful next time I take tape off!

I’ve decided to carry 2 phones on the day – a small basic phone with a Telstra SIM card (better reception and battery life) and my usual smartphone (let’s face it, mainly for photos/videos and Facebook updates!)


OK so I’m sort of organised now. I’ve started packing food and gear into my drop bags. I can’t leave the drop bags out because my cats will destroy them! I’ve put spare shoes and socks into the bags for CP2 and CP3 (apparently CP1 – CP2 is also wet) and I think I’ll just end up putting spare socks into all the drop bags. I don’t have enough spare shoes!

I went for a walk this morning with my regular Thursday morning group. There were a few of us walking this morning! My fellow 105k competitor Arwen was RUNNING – crazy woman!

Tonight I’m going to cook some potatoes to put in my drop bags. I found the salted potatoes at Yurrebilla THE BEST!


A nice sleep in (6:00am alarm) and coffee with my running group was the perfect way to start race eve. Last night I got all my food ready and ticked a few more items off my list. I’ve got a short day at work today (finishing at lunchtime) to allow for any last minute prep so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour! (I haven’t quite worked out what ‘reasonable’ is but it’s gonna be pretty damn early considering I have to be up at 3:30ish tomorrow – eek!)

FUCK! Less than 24 hours and this is actually happening! Whose idea was this?

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