So today I got the all clear to start walking (just short distances) without crutches.

So that’s pretty great!
I didn’t bother asking the doctor if I could do parkrun this Saturday! Well, she didn’t say I COULDN’T!
She got me to stand on my left leg, and I couldn’t balance for some reason!
I’m keeping the crutches in the car now.
Things I have done in the past month.

Flown interstate, 4 flights in total. Given the sticks and the impossibility of carrying or pushing around a suitcase, I had to drag out my old backpack from my early backpacking days. It did force me to be a bit more circumspect about packing than I normally am! The only real issue was the one flight from Canberra to Melbourne on the ATR 72 with the walk across the tarmac and boarding via the very steep back steps. I decided to get on the lift to get back down at the other end. That was fun!

Went to the Pink Ball Test Match at Adelaide Oval for 4 days, up and down steps (my choice – there’s plenty of accessible seating.) Big plus – being able to use the disabled parking area right outside the gate. Minus – being unable to carry a drink so requiring other people to get them for me!

Prior to the cricket I went to the annual Members’ Test Match Dinner – fantastic night, I managed to wear stilettos and not fall over, and we were lucky enough to get a Rock Star Table right up the front!

Last weekend I went to see an 80s cover band at the Gov, the crutches did get in the way a bit (it was a bit hard to wave my hands in the air without the risk of taking someone out!) but despite that, it was a great night!

More parkrun volunteering, plenty more coffees and lunches! (And black and purple ice cream on a 40 degree day!)

Started swimming, overdid it a bit in the first few weeks, had a few weeks off and just started up again. As of today I am now allowed to start using my legs! Didn’t stop me from recording a 33 second 100m split yesterday (to put that in perspective, the current MALE world record for 100m is just under 45 seconds). Maybe I have a new career ahead of me!

I know I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve just finished watching the first 2 seasons of The Office. Such a great show!

Oh and the BBL starts tonight so there’s the next month taken care of!
For the next month I’ll be gradually building up the amount of walking I do, and starting to do some hip muscle strengthening, with a view to maybe starting a bit of gentle run/walking in 4-6 weeks.
Where’s that perspective?
It’s certainly going to come in handy when I eventually get back to my proper job, this experience will give me a much better perspective of what it’s like to be one of my clients (and I won’t have to hear the old “Oh, you wouldn’t know what it’s like! You’re young and (relatively speaking) fit!” Well, actually…
It’s only been a few hours, so I haven’t experienced all the joys yet, but here are a few that spring immediately to mind!
  • The joys of being able to just walk from one room to the other! I just know that when I wake up tomorrow I’m going to wonder where those damn things are!
  • Going out to lunch and not having to select seats based on where I can put the sticks without them getting in the way!
  • Being able to carry stuff!
That’s probably about it for now – see you in another month or so!

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