Forced rest week!

As I was on holidays in Melbourne last weekend hanging out with my sister, there was no Sunday run for me! But with all the AWESOME vegan food in Melbourne I naturally felt the need to engage in some form of physical activity in an attempt to justify eating All. Of. The. Food. 

Like this, for example. Sunday brunch at Matcha Mylkbar in St Kilda. Well worth the wait!

So on Monday, with my sister working, I went out for a trot along the coast from St Kilda to Port Melbourne and back. A cruisy 14k on a warm morning. It’s always nice to squeeze in a run in a different city!

Change of scenery – ships at Port Melbourne, approximately halfway through my run.

On Tuesday, normally one of my regular running days, I was on the road all day driving home to Adelaide. I did contemplate going for a quick few km at one of my many stops along the way (most notably on the border of Victoria and SA) but the heat and the flies put me off, plus I wanted to be home well before dusk.

On the border – would have made a cool Strava map for a run but those flies!

As it turned out, I made it home in plenty of time to get to my regular Tuesday evening trail circuit session – a welcome relief following a day spent predominantly sitting on my arse! (Even though I did fall over, running UPHILL, and graze my knee!)


I was really looking forward to my Thursday morning run, to get back to my regular routine. However, sometime between Wednesday night and 5am on Thursday when my alarm went off, I suspect I was bitten by something as my left foot was red, swollen and tender. There would be no running so I set the alarm for later and resigned myself to the fact that I would have to be one of ‘those’ people who just turn up for the post-run coffee!
By the end of Thursday the foot had really swelled up – probably a combination of a day at work and a couple of ciders over dinner! I decided it wasn’t even worth contemplating a run on Friday morning so I once again had a bit of a sleep-in and went for coffee in the morning!

Friday night it was possibly even more swollen so I elevated it with an ice pack and watched the cricket (thanks Cricket Australia for embracing the Day/Night test format – much better for us 9-5 workers!)

Spot the difference!

By morning it looked a lot better. Still, I didn’t think I could get a shoe on so I went to parkrun as a spectator only. By the end of a busy day it was a bit swollen but nowhere near as bad as Friday night.
I decided this whole ‘not running’ thing was not working for me, so decided I was going to do the 12k social trail run on Sunday morning. My trail shoes are slightly bigger than my roadies so that meant a bit less pressure on the foot. Morning came and the shoe went on – success! Still a bit tender but relatively comfortable.

The run itself was fine – I noticed the foot when I was on my own but mostly I was running/walking with other people so that was a good distraction. And there did not appear to be any increase in swelling or redness afterwards!

Never thought I’d be so happy to be wearing shoes!

I had contemplated running a 5k event on Sunday but, even prior to the bite (or whatever it was) I’d decided not to, partly because it is a good time of year to have a mini-break, and partly because I’ve been haemorrhaging money lately and I could do with saving on event fees. VERY glad I’d made that decision as I probably would have been tempted to run it even with the foot not 100%. The trail run was a good compromise – I still got to run, but at a more leisurely pace. And closer to home. And fantastic coffee afterwards!

With Beck, who had done her own longer run but all roads lead to coffee!

I think the little mini-break has done me good. Next weekend (which also happens to be Christmas!) the training for Boston begins – it’s 17 weeks today!

17 weeks to Boston – wow!