Pichi Richi Marathon 2022 – TL;DR version


This was the 40th anniversary of the Pichi Richi Marathon. That’s me in the pink on the poster – it would be rude not to run it! My first marathon in 3 years.


Sprained my toe doing yoga 2 weeks out.
Pizza and cider the night before a marathon is my thing.
A shiny thing I found on the ground and thought it was a good omen.
View from my accommodation in Port Augusta – 80 steps from the start of parkrun!
With Michelle and Richard the dinosaur at Port Augusta parkrun, celebrating their 4th birthday


What a glorious spot for a run!
Shit got real as I drove from Port Augusta to Quorn!
Hey, it’s not that far!
My accommodation in Quorn. Another good omen? Definitely!
Went to check out the finish line  on Saturday arvo – I was looking forward to the next time I’d see this!
Pizza and wine – a new pre-marathon tradition?
Bib collection – now it’s really real!


A few shots of the silo light show at Quorn 
67 Pichi Richi finishes among this lot – Michael 24, David 12, Peter 18 and Colin 13! Photo: Michael Davies
Right near the start of the marathon! Photo: Linda Gardiner
Did not register that the first 9km would be pretty much along the highway – soooo scenic! Photo: David Fielding
It may not look it but the first 17km is practically flat… the real work starts at the halfway (the half marathon start)


Love this photo of me with Liz (in the 5km) around the 39km mark. Photo: David Fielding


Straight to the pool room!
Obligatory photo with Race Ambassador Steve Moneghetti! Thanks Lachy for the photo!
A pretty good day out!
Accidentally got in the background while Steve Moneghetti was being interviewed on the local news. It was not my first time photobombing Steve! That’s me in the tiger onesie, Adelaide Marathon 2014! Thanks Nat for this photo!
Never had a better tasting ice block!

Broken toe – I’m no radiologist, but even I can see something’s not right here!