Race report – 2 Jetties Fun Run

This morning was the annual 2 Jetties Fun Run, which happens every year on Boxing Day, a run on the beach from Glenelg Jetty to Brighton Jetty and back, approximately 8.4km. SA Masters Athletics puts on the event, which is organised by a regular running/walking buddy, Doug Smart.

My first 2 Jetties was in 2012, it was my second ever running event and only about 6 weeks after I started running. I managed a very respectable sub-45 minute time.

The before shot! Dressed to blend in! Photo courtesy of John Martin (SA Masters Athletics)
Pretty happy with that. The certificate still lives on my fridge!

After missing 2013 due to being interstate  (it wasn’t all bad though – I got to go to Day 1 of the Boxing Day Ashes Test in Melbourne along with 90000 of my closest friends) I was back to do it all again in 2014, hoping for a PB. It wasn’t to be though – due to the tides, we had to run up the ramp onto the path for a bit which ruined my chances of a PB!

Action shot – towards the end! Photo courtesy of John Martin (SA Masters Athletics)
Nice day to hang out by the beach!

I again missed out in 2015 as Boxing Day fell on a Saturday and I dragged the whole family out to parkrun (first time we’d all done it together!)

I had initially planned to run this year, but the forecast of 40 degrees put me off. It’s an event that you enter on the day which is good in a way as you can decide in the morning whether or not to go. If I had had to enter in advance I probably wouldn’t have done it. 

On Christmas Day I opted for the 5k Mount Barker parkrun at 7am instead of the traditional 6am half marathon at West Lakes. Because, HOT. And SLEEP. It was a great choice as the conditions were nice and mild up at Mount Barker and only after the run was over did I start to notice it warming up a bit.

Action shot – courtesy of Gary Denham (Mount Barker parkrun)
Fancy dress was the order of the day! With Kim who had just completed her first ever parkrun!
And I even got a pic with Santa! Photo courtesy of Mount Barker parkrun.

After a record 42 degrees on Christmas Day, the cool change arrived earlier than expected and consequently the Boxing Day forecast was revised to the high 20s. I decided that I would definitely run!
It was actually RAINING in the morning when I woke up but I don’t mind running in the rain when it’s not cold. I planned my whole outfit around my brand new PINK running hat (a Christmas present!) I went with pink calf sleeves as the run was on sand so can be a bit heavy on the legs. I opted for compression sleeves rather than socks as my foot was still not quite 100% and the compression socks squash my feet a bit! I also wore a slightly larger pair of shoes which I had bought second hand  (barely used) primarily to run the 100k track race in January, but which I had also been wearing since I’d had the issue with my foot.

I like pink – and to be coordinated – don’t judge me 🙂 Thanks to Karen for the pic.

It was still raining when I arrived at Glenelg Jetty to sign up. There didn’t seem to be many people there. Then I noticed a bunch of people standing undercover on the edge of the square ans I thought, “SOFT! It’s only water!” Still, I’m sure the weather would have put a lot of people off.

We started at 9:30, half an hour after the walkers. We gathered under the jetty with about 10 minutes to go. After finding out that the run would be entirely on the beach this year, I wished I’d gone barefoot!

Under the jetty just before go time!

After the run started though, I was glad I’d worn shoes – the first few hundred metres was very rocky!

I didn’t look at my watch during the race – just focused on the Brighton Jetty  (when I could see it) on the way out and Glenelg Jetty on the way back. Fortunately the rain had stopped just before we started  (as so often happens with runs and races) so the conditions were actually pretty perfect. Add to that the fact that we were staying on the beach, it was a recipe for a PB! There were a few tiny water crossings but really nothing to slow me down. 

I wasn’t really racing anyone as such – just going for that 4-year-old PB! Although, there was a girl tantalisingly close in front of me that I was hoping to catch at the end – but it wasn’t to be! (While a podium finish was highly improbable, there were age group prizes, and I hadn’t seen a lot of girls in my age group)

Action shot – in deep focus, didn’t see the camera! Photo from SAMA Facebook page.

With a few hundred metres to go, I could see she wasn’t slowing down, so I just kept up the pace I’d been running, and finished just behind her. (I never did check if she was in my age group – it didn’t matter though, as the overall female winner was also in my age group)

Happy with consistent pace. And no elevation!

My time was 39:36, very pleasing and a PB by almost 5 minutes! 

A rare sight – Glenelg Beach deserted on Boxing Day!

Afterwards it was time to get my inner kid on, as Karen, Ruth, Ros and I decided to hit the trampolines (the inclement weather worked in our favour as there would otherwise have been a flood of ACTUAL kids wanting to use them!)

FINALLY managed to nail a jumping pic – never mind that there was a trampoline involved! Thanks to Karen for the pic!

And then of course we had to refuel…

With Karen and Ruth. SOOOO classy! Thanks to Karen for this photo!

Thanks to everyone at SA Masters Athletics who made this great event happen – as so often happens, the weather conditions made volunteering WAY harder than running! Although I can’t say I was really enjoying it at the time, I was really glad I did run today and it’s always a great way to get over the excesses of Christmas Day!