Getting into the swim of things…


Last week I got on the bike (albeit very briefly) for the first time in around 4 years. I got the idea of maybe trying a triathlon one day. There was one missing link…

I spent this past weekend watching the historic first day/night Test cricket match, complete with hi-viz pink ball. The early finish gave me 2 unexpected free days. I also may have overindulged during those 3 days of cricket watching so I thought some form of physical activity was a no-brainer.

I don’t have a bike yet… I have a money box that, when it is full (hopefully by the end of the year), will contain enough money to buy me a decent bike. (I  look forward to seeing the look on the salesperson’s face when I walk in to buy a bike with $2 coins!)

But I digress! Yesterday while reading the Sunday Mail, waiting for the cricket to start, I noticed that one of the sports stores has a sale on swimwear… was this a sign?

So today I went and bought some bathers (those that know me would be unsurprised to learn that hot pink was involved!). Being a warm day, it seemed like) the perfect opportunity to test them out! (Test the waters, if you will!)

As there is an outdoor pool conveniently located about 2.5km from me, I decided to run there and back. I had goggles but they were a bit old and I wasn’t completely happy with the way they fit. I presumed that once water was involved, I’d get a tighter seal.

After an easy run, I got into the water and away I went! No, as it turned out, the water did not improve the goggle situation. I’d have to stop after each 25m lap, goggles full of water. In the beginning I probably would have had to stop anyway – amazing how tiring swimming is when you’re unaccustomed to it!

After doing a total of 200m freestyle (on one occasion I managed 2 laps back to back – 50m, woohoo!), impeded by my leaky goggles (yeah yeah I know, a poor tradesman blames his tools) and lack of swim fitness, I went back to my old favourite, breaststroke. That proved much easier – I managed 2 100m sets with a 200m in between. I broke it up with some more freestyle but the goggles continued to leak. Perhaps I need to invest in a new pair! Although, they didn’t cause me any issues when doing breaststroke…

The logical thing to do would be to try backstroke – less likelihood of goggles filling with water! But I have enough trouble swimming in a straight line in an indoor pool with a line on the ceiling to follow, let alone outdoors! Maybe if I had the whole pool to myself I’d give it a crack!

All up I did 800m in just under an hour. I thought that was enough for my first time. I forgot how tired it makes you! And HUNGRY!

I’m a long way off being able to complete a triathlon swim leg – but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?

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