Opportunity knocks!

Seems a bit weird to be talking about opportunities when each day more and more places/activities/events are being cancelled or shut down? Stick with me!

First things first, I should provide a running update! This week I was cleared to start running solidly for 30 minutes, and yesterday, for the first time in over 6 months, I ran nonstop for 30 minutes!

Since resuming running in January I’ve done most of my running either around the oval or the Uni Loop, to avoid having to stop for traffic like I would on a road run. With social distancing being the new normal, I find the Uni Loop is a bit busier than I’d like, so I think I’ll be sticking with early morning oval runs for now! (Although, it seems more people are getting the same idea – it’s quite busy on the oval too now!)

A lot of people are now going to have to adapt to solo running after being used to running in groups, with all the running groups being put on hold and running events being cancelled. For me it just means continuing doing what I’ve been doing, because I haven’t got back to any of my groups and events are a long way off! The only thing I’m really missing out on is parkrun (insert sad face here) although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing it right now even if it was on!

As we all know, this is a temporary situation. It could be a long temporary, but eventually we will be able to go out freely and socialise again and won’t we all appreciate it then!

For now, we have to work out different +/- innovative ways of doing the things we love! This is where the ‘opportunity’ bit comes in!

I don’t especially like talking on the phone, I think it’s because I like using my hands and also I use sarcasm a bit, and without face to face contact it’s easy to be misunderstood! So staying in touch with friends by phone instead of in person doesn’t really excite me, however I am pretty excited about trying out the group video chat apps. Imagine being able to go to a party with friends and not have to worry about how you’re getting home? Amazing! So there’s an opportunity right there – after this I may never want to go out again!

The other big opportunity I can see is time on our hands, with a lot of our regular activities off the cards, to try new things. Sure, the options are a bit limited, but what better time to learn a new skill, new language, finally get around to doing stuff around the house… so many things we can do if we focus on what we still can do rather than what we can’t!

6 months ago when I last had a lot of time on my hands (and was mostly limited to seated activities) I was planning to buy or rent an electronic drumkit. I soon realised I had plenty to do to fill my day, and the drums fell by the wayside.

Then last weekend, with the threat of lockdown looming, I put the call out on social media, asking my friends if I should buy an electronic drumkit. The response was a resounding ‘YES!’ and as luck would have it one of my friends had a second hand kit she was wanting to sell very cheaply! I got it, started taking some online lessons and I’m pretty sure I’m hooked now! (And my neighbours will be very grateful that I haven’t figured out how to make it make noise other than through headphones!)

I’m interested to know, are you trying something new during these ‘interesting’ times? Any suggestions?